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To All Potential Advertisers ,

After 43 years in Business as "The Gazette Newspapers" , Our Revised Platform & New Permanent Make-Over is HERE !!! Universal Combined Publications Group is a viable online daily news source publication that cater to the small, medium, to midsize business owner with a staff of 30 or less, in todays economy it is a known fact, Small Businesses from retail to cyberspace makeup over 75% of our nation's financial pipeline as well as over 50% of the general workforce, we continuously monitor the business world to keep our readers informed of the latest legitimate opportunities, new innovations, technologies, financial news , editorials, etc. that directly effect Small Businesses and it's owners of what they should know and need to know to become and stay profitable in the regrowth of our nations economy pulling together to end the nations reccession and put people to work by creating new businesses and jobs.

What we Provide,
In addition to our weekly general publication, we also provide a new innovative strategic way of advertising your business via our customized web presence that's now recognized by many, our proprietary formula is a new wave of publishing at very reasonable rates , best of all, our simple BASIC STANDARD PRICING is structured to SAVE YOU MONEY!!! charging by the square inch and Not by the words like most other general publications charge.

Advertising Rates - Direct Mail Weekly plus our Daily 24/7 Online Publication
FULL PAGE ( print Adv.) 6 col. x 17" B/W only (87.in) $350.00 per issue + online 1 wk.
HALF PAGE( print Adv.) 6 col. x 8.5" B/W only (51in.) $175.00 per issue + online 1 wk.
Online Classifieds - Your Business Card (4 weeks minimum ) only !! $30.00 per mo.
Online Listing + Your Product or Service (with your contact e-mail link) only!! $12.00 per mo.
(Advertising Policy: We do not allow erotic, pornographic, or radical content advertising in our direct mail
weekly & 24/7 online daily )

LEGAL NOTICE /CLASSIFIED RATES (We charge by the square inch - not by the words)


1 Column " wide x 1 " vertical only $19.00 per direct mail issue + online 1 wk.
1 Column" wide x 2" vertical only $28.00 per direct mail issue + online 1 wk.
1 Column" wide x 3" vertical only $37.00 per direct mail issue + online 1 wk.
1 Column" wide x 4" vertical only $46.00 per direct mail issue + online 1 wk.

Wills, Trust, Probates, Trustee Sales, etc. Flat Rate
( 1 Column" wide x 6" vertical ) $150.00 per issue + online 1 wk.

Fictitious Business Statements /Abandonments (4 weeks required) $50.00

Method of Payment Policy: By offering pricing up to 60% Less than our competitors, we do not offer billing unless you establish a frequency contract which is a (3) month minimum required with Lower rates than above, we must require Pre-Payment for all single one time advertising insertions , to make it conveient you may pay by mail via Money Order Only ( Sorry, No Checks), when we receive your Pre- Set Ad along with payment we will send you an acknowledgement along with your confirmation receipt for your records.