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Welcome To Our Upgraded Expanded Website !!

In our 51st year as "The Gazette Newspapers" (Fully Legal Adjudicated Publications)
of general circulation has merged into Universal Combined Publications Group
at the beginning of 2009.

In addition , our general news direct mail/bulk drop weekly distribution as many have known over the years has expanded beyond print , in todays technology , publication's has outgrown those traditional types of circulation, since our publications reformatted to cater solely to the Small Business Industry our readership here at this site has trippled , UCPG has evolved and very happy as so our advertisers with our expanded online readership of today, hundreds in business visit us here day after day for our resources !!

We are proud to have expanded beyond the general audience and focused solely on the Small Business Industry creating a vast business owner audience exclusively with our 24/7 online Business publication with current Legal Notices & Classifieds, again, after the careful planning and 2 years monitoring consumer reading habits we at Universal Combined Publications are committed and confident you will find the most comprehensive News, Resources, and Editorials targeted to those who want to become new small business owners and also resources for existing small business owners, this daily business publication website is without question your one stop business to business resource network that provides all the information you need to become and stay successful as a business owner.

Please Note: Our newest upgraded "Online Classifieds" is comprised of a new state of the art digital "D" base and server system with a pre-route index format which shuts down and re-sets itself to upgrade automatically daily at no pre-set time, if you click to open the classifieds section and nothing happens, the system is on automatic upgrade mode and you need to try back later, this system is new technology that adjust it itself when necessary.


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